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Gruntz kush packaged Flower from cookies 3.5g, exotic weed strain of 2019. Gushers mixed with Runtz = Gruntz kush made exclusively by Big Al Exotics x.

Gruntz kush creates an experience that’s both euphoric and relaxing. Gruntz is very colorful in appearance and has a very sweet, earthy flavor profile. Our flower packs more firepower than the competition. Our strains have consistently won awards for Highest-Testing Indica and Highest-Potency flower. But we didn’t make our flower for awards — we made it for you, the cannabis connoisseur.Gas House/Big Al’s cannabis comes from the freshest flower and finest cultivation techniques — ensuring that our flower has the highest THC potency, the gassiest skunk smell, and the sweetest taste possible. Real flower for real people.

Smokers Reviews of Gruntz kush

Novice smokers or those who are particularly sensitive need to be very careful with this strain, as it’s prone to inducing some strong psychoactive effects which can lead to hallucinations. Initially, users will feel an uplifted and euphoric high that lends itself to creative or social pursuits. As you begin to experience its indica side, you’ll feel incredibly relaxed and get both the munchies